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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Refreshing Summer Lemonade

This is a very simple and quick lemonade to make that is refreshingly delicious, especially in the hot summer months. There's rarely been a lemonade I liked, but I love this one. It's sweet and slightly sour. I don't like overly sour lemonades at all. Below, you can also find a strawberry lemonade variation. Hope you enjoy!

2 cups lemon juice (can use fresh, but I just use the bottled kind on the shelf)
3 1/2 cups sugar (can use less if too sweet for your tastes)
1 gallon of water

1) Fill a 2 cup microwaveable pyrex cup with water up to 2 cups. Microwave for 2 minutes. Pour into a gallon size Rubbermaid pitcher or cleaned milk gallon container.

2) Add sugar, put on lid and shake to dissolve sugar, or if in an open-topped pitcher, stir with spoon until dissolved.

3) Add 2 cups of lemon juice and fill to the top of gallon container with water. Shake or stir to mix. Add fresh lemon slices or mint if desired. (I don't bother.) Best, if chilled for a bit before serving, or add to a cup of ice. Enjoy!

For a DELICIOUS Strawberry Lemonade version:

Don't fill all the water to the top of pitcher, otherwise you'll run out of room. Fill a blender about half full of lemonade and add frozen strawberries, perhaps 2 cups or whatever you desire. I like a lot of strawberries! Blend until smoothie-like consistency. Pour back into lemonade container, stir or shake to mix and enjoy a delicious, pink, strawberry lemonade that's sure to be a favorite.